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An index is most regularly defined as a portfolio of stocks that represents a particular market or market sector. Thus indices (also known as stock indexes) measure the price performance of a group of stocks of a specific section of stock market. The USA500, for example, is based on the 500 largest companies weighted mainly by market capitalization that are listed on the New York Exchange or NASDAQ.
Trading indices enables you to get exposure to an entire sector by opening a single position.

Indices price movements and volatility are impacted by a range of factors like political events, major events that affect companies in a particular sector, economic data like employment figures and big changes in the currencies markets.

At TradeFills, we offer our traders the opportunity to trade derivatives on major indices across global equity markets. Open a live account today to benefit from competitive spreads and fast order execution and choose to have greater automated trading with our award-winning MT4 trading platform.

Benefits of Index trading

Portfolio diversification

Trade long or short

High liquidity

Long trading hours

Hedge against volatility

List of all Index pairs

USA.30 NAS100 SPX500 UK.100 FRA.40 GER.30
EUR.50 US$Index JP225 HKG50 CN50 IND50

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