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Offline Seminars

Offline Seminars

Future Seminars

Past Seminars

DATE: August 10th, 2022

CITY: Cyberjaya

VENUE: Restaurants and Cafe

EVENT: Meet and Greet

SPEAKERS: Alfisal Salamat

There was a Meet and Greet session been held in the month of 10Th August. Our team went out to restaurants and cafes to meet new clients and partners in Malaysia, there were total 20-30 clients on that day for get together in different restaurants for lunch and dinner. The main agenda behind this session was to give more awareness to the clients about the product offerings and giveaway prizes to deserving clients and partners.

In the session, our team provide more knowledge for the upcoming news events and trading tactics to all the of the clients, so that they can trade the market in a perfect way to make profits with the help of Elliot Wave theory.

At the end of every meetup, clients were awarded with the free merchandise t-shirts with TradeFills logo on it. It was a successful session, and we are always trying to arrange these sessions for all of our clients and partners.

DATE: July 6th, 2022

CITY: Cyberjaya

VENUE: Pondok CFD Trading Warrior

EVENT: Dow Jones Kickstart

SESSION TIME: 3:00 pm – 12:00 am (Malaysia Time)

SPEAKERS: Alfisal Salamat

There was an offline class event been held in the month of July. The participants for that day were full house with the capacity of total 40 participants. The idea was to focus on how to trade indices especially Dow jones.

In the event, class participants learned more about the nature of the instruments, the movement volatility, the daily volume range. Participants also been expose to fundamental analysis that related to indices.

Special topic on that day was introduction to Elliot Wave Theory Technique. Participants are very lucky to learn Elliot Wave theory

for free as this strategy in technical analysis are expensive courses.

During the US open session. Around 9pm (Malaysian time) all the participants joined a live trade session. This live trade session was conducted by Mr. Alfisal, the Head of Education for TradeFills. The idea for this live trade session was, during the first half of the day, participants were learning more on trading theories, then during the live trade session is where the participants can apply what they learn and practice it on the real market.

At the end of the session, all participants receive a merchandise, TradeFills t-shirts as a token of appreciation coming for the event.

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