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Trade With Percentage Allocation Management Module

PAMM stands for percentage allocation management module and is designed for fund and money managers to trade on behalf of multiple clients for a % of the profits. The service opens an opportunity to manage all investments in one account. It allows investors to yield profits without trading and enables PAMM traders to earn additional income from managing attracted investments.

How PAMM investor accounts work?

As an investor, you can earn unlimited profits from your investments in PAMM traders. The PAMM trader, in turn, receives a commission as a percentage only from profitable investments. Therefore, all participants are interested in generating income and our tool is perfect for this!

How PAMM trader accounts work?

As a PAMM trader, you will accept investments and receive a commission for the successful management of funds. You set the amount of the commission yourself – this will attract the attention of investors and increase the capitalization of the account. PAMM-system will help you achieve your goals!

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